North Bay Island in Andaman

North Bay Island in Andaman 

The bright and colorful coral reef is indeed a great sight! It has one of the most widespread collections of coral stretches in the sea. The Island is mostly famous for the activities that are conducted there. The island is also one of the most visited places in tndaman.

People planning to visit North Bay generally cover it as “a day-long Islanthe d Hopping trip” that covers two most popular islands- North Bay Coral Island together with Ross Island. You will read more about Ross Island in our exclusive section where we have given a detailing to the Gem of Andaman’s history- The Ross Island.

The North Bay Island is the hotspot for water sports  The North Bay Island is just an hour away from Port Blair. North bay can be visited from the Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex. This Island is preferred by tourists of all kinds for taking water sports and activities.
What makes this island an ideal spot for all groups of travelers is the versatility it offers to people looking for some relaxation or an adventure junkie who wants to try the thrilling activities or someone who just wants to admire nature North Bay Island is the perfect spot for them! It gives its visitors a bit of both adventure and leisure which will not bore them.

How to book tickets to North Bay Island?

 Andamans Emerald tour and travel are fully organized your North bay tour and book your tickets to North Bay Island.

The tickets you can buy on Rajiv Gandhi water sport complex by standing in a queue or your Island expert can book it on your behalf. For pre-booking, you have to ask your tour operator to book the tickets for you. if you plan to book a ticket after reaching Andaman then there is a possibility of the tickets getting sold out. If all the tickets for that day are already booked, you’ll have to either arrange a chartered boat or wait for the next day.


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