Chidiatapu Beach

Chidiatapu beaches in Andaman 

Chidiyatapu is one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit in Port Blair. This attraction is located in the southernmost tip of the South Andaman region. As the name itself states, Chidya-Tapu (meaning Bird Island) this place is home to a bunch of birds of different species and is a paradise for birdwatchers. You can spot migratory birds and the native birds of Andamans flying about in the skies beautifully. Chidiyatapu is not only famous for the beautiful birds but also for the amazing trekking trail and the magnificent sunset view as well.
The prime attractions here are the Chidiyatapu Biological Park, Mundapahad, and Chidiyatapu Beach.
You will cross the Chidiyatapu Sunset views point first to reach the Chidiyatapu Biological Park and then finally reach the beautifully set up beach ideal for picnics and spending a good cool time even during the sun is overhead.

How to reach Chidia Tapu?

Chidiyatapu is located 32 km away from the city and can be accessed via road by hiring a cab or a taxi. The tourists are advised to wear comfortable clothing and proper footwear for trekking and do not forget to carry sunscreens and insect repellent creams. Pack some snacks and drinking water in plenty along with you as there are no food stalls or hotels in this area. There is a small food stall near the entrance you can pick some refreshments from there if you prefer.


Best time to visit Chidiatapu?

There is no bad time to visit any of the beaches of Andaman as they look pretty and extensively beautiful in each of the seasons. But if you are going there for the sunset view, which is the most common and worthy reason of visiting the mentioned, it is suggested that you reach there before 3 pm on a bright day and enjoy the nearby beach and the Biological park before you stand to witness the beautiful moment of the sunset.
Since we fall in the eastern time zone, so the sunrise and sunset in Andamans are earlier than usual in other places of India. The sunset generally occurs between 05:30 pm IST to 05:45 pm IST.



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